Return Policy

Ruturn Policy

Return Window

You have 30 Days to return your order for a refund (Please note that products labeled Non-refundable After Unpackingin the description section of the product page are not applicable for returns).

Non-refundable Casess

Coolife accepts most returns within the 30-day return window, but we DO NOT accept returns for certain circumstances. Please carefully review the following scenarios in which you would not qualify for a refund:

1. Products that have exceeded the 30-day return window.

2. Products damaged due to customer negligence (i.e. improper assembly or usage, obvious man-made damage, etc.).

3. Scratches or other minimal damage that do not affect the overall functioning of the product being discovered after the product has been partially or completely assembled.

4. Products taken out of original packaging without manufacture defects.

5. Products labeled Non-refundable After Unpackingin the description section of the product page.

In this situation,we can not offer mail (return)label. Please consult your preferred carrier and return the product.

Fees Assumed by You

1. For returns involving non-manufacturer defects, the following two fees will be assumed by you:

1.1 Return Postage

The cost of return postage differs based on the carrier. Please consult your preferred carrier for the approximate pricing. In this situation,we can not offer mail (return)label. Please consult your preferred carrier and return the product.

1.2 Original Shipping Fee

1.2.1 If free shipping was NOT included in your original order of the product(s) you are returning, we will deduct the shipping fee from your final refund total.

1.2.2 If the product(s) in question being returned was bought with free shipping, a base shipping fee that was incurred by the company will be accounted for, resulting in a reduction of the overall refund. (For more information, please refer to Shipping Fee Reference List Table as shown below.).

Shipping Fee Reference List Table

WEIGHT RANGE(unit: lb)










2. Returns that are typically categorized under non-manufacturing defectsinclude but are not limited to:

2.1 Return(s) exclusively because of damage to the outer packaging.

2.2 Return(s) caused by duplicated orders.

2.3 Return(s) caused by cancellation request(s) sent after the order has been shipped.

2.4 Return(s) caused by inaccurate shipping address provided upon order placement.

2.5 Return(s) not based on the product having a manufacturers defect and simply due to the customers personal preference.

2.6 Return(s) caused by customers different monitor settings,the color may be a little different form the real item.

2.7 Return(s) caused by misuse or normal wear and tear. Take note that dents are not including in two year warranty, when your luggage has dent, please push it back with force.

in the two year warranty and the problem is caused by manufacturing defects in material and workmanship, excluding situation mentioned above. Coolife will take full responsibility for the inconvenience.

Return Process

Step One: Contact coolife

Please contact coolife before returning the product(s) in question. For any returns that have been conducted without contacting us beforehand, we reserve the right to reject said returns and refuse to complete any services or accommodations associated with our Return Policy.

Step Two: Send photos with details of the product issue included

For issues involving a manufacturing defect, if specific photos and details are provided we will be able to process a solution more quickly for you.

Step Three: contact coolife and notify return tracking number

Please keep the return tracking number you receive following mailing your product(s) to our address and promptly send it to us via email so we may offer you further assistance in the event of any unforeseen issues arising during the return transit process.

In this situation,we can not offer mail (return) label. Please consult your preferred carrier and return the product.

Step Four: Refund & Replacement

1.1 For refunds that do not require the return any product(s), please refer to the table below to see how long it will take to process following receiving your refund notification email.

1.2 For refunds that require product(s) to be returned, we will process the refund within 5 working days after the returned product(s) is received. Please refer to the table below to see the approximate time it will take to process your refund following receiving our refund notification email.

If you have any additional questions after reading our return policy as above, please contact us for further help.


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